Do you direct bill / take assignment?

Yes we do! However, in order to direct bill we will require a credit card on file in order to handle outstanding balances from what your insurance did not cover.

If the co-payment can be calculated on the date of treatment the balance will be required at that time. If not, we will wait 30 days for the insurance portion to come through and will charge the remainder or full balance to the credit card on file. We will notify you of any charges that will be over $200.00 prior to processing the transaction.

The filed credit card is unlikely to be used if you have two insurances, treatment does not go over the maximum allowed by your insurance, or if your insurance company can inform us on treatment date what the co-payment should be.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans directly. However, we have enlisted the services of Paybright, a financing company who can provide payment plans to our patients. Click Here to find out if you are eligible for financing (Soft credit check with no obligaton).