Our Dentists

Dr. Lamontagne and Dr. Koskie met during dental school. A few dates, a wedding, a son named William, a couple years of dental practice, and they decided to create their dream practice called Yorkton Dental together in 2018. 

Purchasing and retrofitting the old credit union building in downtown Yorkton was the perfect opportunity to fulfill this dream. They opened a 10 room dental clinic to continue treating patients in Yorkton and surrounding area. Drs. Koskie and Lamontagne both feel strongly about a patient-centered philosophy in a modern clinical setting and that is what Yorkton Dental strives to be.

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Dr. Michael koskie

Dr. Michael Koskie was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, eventually graduating from the Yorkton Regional High School in 2006. He started pursuing a double honours degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of Saskatchewan until 2009 when he was accepted into the College of Dentistry.

Following his graduation from dentistry in 2013, Dr. Koskie elected to continue his education at the Royal University Hospital as a dental resident. He received advanced training in implants, hospital dentistry, sedation techniques, and extractions. Upon completion of this program, Dr. Koskie returned to Yorkton in order to provide his hometown with unique dental services that were previously unavailable.


Dr. Megan lamontagne

Dr. Megan Lamontagne grew up on a farm outside of Rockglen, Saskatchewan.  She attended elementary school in Rockglen, and then high school in Assinboia, Saskatchewan. Afterwards she attended the University of Saskatchewan in 2004 and studied Anatomy and Cell Biology before enrolling in the College of Dentistry in 2008. 

Dr. Lamontagne has received numerous acknowledgements for her academic achievements including dental scholarships, a Millennium Scholarship and a National Aboriginal Achievement scholarship. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in May 2012.  Following graduation she served the community of Regina for 3 years before relocating to Yorkton, Saskatchewan.