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Pediatric Dentistry (Children)

Going to the dentist can and should be a fun experience for most children. At Yorkton Dental we strive to create an atmosphere that is fun and promotes a positive relationship with your child and the dentist. 

Naturally children have a fear of the unknown and through behavioral techniques such as Tell-Show-Do, patience and empathy the dentists and staff will make the office a familiar place!

Our office is also pleased to provide Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, which can make dental treatment much more enjoyable for kids. On rare occasions your child may require extensive dental work, or may be too afraid for the nitrous to work properly and we may need to treat them at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre. Dr. Lamontagne and Dr. Koskie both maintain hospital privileges in order to address these special circumstances. You can read more about Nitrous Oxide and Hospital Dentistry on the sedation page located Here.

Dr. Lamontagne has taken a keen interest in pediatric dentistry and excels at creating a trusting environment for children.